​North Jersey Power is committed to renewable energy for providing clean electrical power for the world's growing energy needs. Our professional team will collaborate with you to make your next solar photovoltaic project a successful one. 
Our engineering staff can professionally design a system that provides optimal performance at a cost effective price. North Jersey Power can offer an in house licensed Professional Engineer and CAD operators to help properly design a system that properly meets the application required.
North Jersey Power's installation team provides unsurpassed craftsmanship that can efficiently install solar photovoltaic systems that stands the best of time. Our project managers and electricians have the proper training and experience to successfully install commercial solar photovoltaic systems that exceed your expectations. North Jersey Power always stresses quality and safety so you can be sure that proper building technique and excellence are an essential component to what we provide every day to our customers.
Let North Jersey Power be your solar photovoltaic partner and put our years of electrical construction experience do the work for you.For more information please contact our Solar & Renewable Energy specialist.