Your business may be national, or even global in scale, but you depend on local power. While demand for power continues to grow in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, the infrastructure is aging and weather-related outages are becoming more frequent. And it doesn't matter if your competitor is a mouse click away, or has the lights on down the street, you can’t afford to have your business in the dark.

North Jersey Power has a history of supplying and servicing commercial and industrial generators in the region means we know what can and does go wrong. From temporary outages to prolonged power losses, North Jersey Power helps keep businesses going with reliable and uninterrupted power.

​We analyze your business needs for power and recommend a commercial generator appropriate to our current and anticipated needs, from health care facilities, to restaurants and retailers, to manufacturers. North Jersey Power can complete a turn-key installation. 

While having the right equipment for all your needs is an important first step, having the right generator company standing behind it is the only way to make reliability a reality. So whether you’re looking for a generator for the first time or seeking to upgrade or maintain equipment you already have, we can help.


North Jersey Power is a one-stop shop for emergency power for health care and other critical care facilities. We supply rentals of
back up generators for emergency power during power outages, or if your existing generator fails. More importantly, we can do all the necessary repairs to get your regular generator back on line quickly. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

We have generators available for short-term use at parties, fairs and other special events. Contact us to find out what size generator you will need to keep your event up and running.

​North Jersey Power offers a full line of generators from 50 KW to 500 KW for every situation. We also offer different rental packages to suit your individual needs from standby rates (back up power, but not running) to regular rates (40 hour per week) to prime rates for continuous 24/7 power. Contact us to find out how we can help you avoid costly delays from outages.




Today’s modern homes are more dependent on power than ever before. Whether it's for climate control systems, security alarms, home offices, or critical care equipment for family members with special needs – you must have uninterrupted power. A sudden and sustained loss of power goes beyond mere inconvenience and may cause costly damage to sensitive circuits, potential flooding, or even life- threatening situations.

​North Jersey Power is your local residential and home generator service company. We understand the power needs of today’s homeowners and the unique power conditions of New Jersey. For years  we have been providing dependable generator service for homes and businesses of all sizes

​Starting with a power analysis of your home and your current and potential needs, we can recommend and install a generator appropriate to your home and your budget. As a certified dealer and a servicer of a full line of America’s most trusted generator brands, North Jersey Power assures you of best-in-class generators and, more importantly, best-in-class service.

Unique in the industry is North Jersey Power's rigorous 75 Point Maintenance Program. It goes above and beyond warranty service to extend the life of your generator and protect you, your family and your investment in your home.

That’s why so many critical care facilities like hospitals and nursing homes throughout our region rely on North Jersey Power and why you should too. So stay connected and in control with residential and home generator service from North Jersey Power Electrical contractors llc.